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Grenchen ?? the place of origin
GENIE founded in Grenchen, Switzerland

Switzerland, known as the country of watches, in the northwest lies Grenchen in the canton of Solothurn. Located at the foot of the Jura Mountains between Solothurn and Biel. With a population close to 20'000, the city is well known for its watch industry. In 1851, the watch-making industry emerged in Grenchen due to its excellent location and train tunnel built 1915. Several world-renowned Swiss watch-brands are presently established in Grenchen and lay a solid foundation for this “Watch-making City”.
Grenchen is known for being home to the biggest Swiss Watch movement production Company ETA and the Swatch Group with some of the best core technology labs and watch making factories.

History of Genie

Swiss watches since 1919

  • The New Generation, Willi Saladin - Brand Modernization

    World-class brand watches are frequently seen in fashion shows, at luxury auctions and with celebrity ambassadors. In 2009, Willi Saladin revives and registers GENIE Swiss Gmbh. The brand is modernized, new factories are built and the traditional craftsmanship of watchmaking is merged with modern machinery production. GENIE keeps its traditional classic beauty and the number of owners of GENIE collectible wristwatches are growing. GENIE is now based in Lohn-Ammannsegg as GENIE Swiss AG and back to its Brand popularity as a must have watch again.

  • The Second Generation,Mike Kessler son of Oskar Kessler

    Oskar Kessler’s son, Mike Kessler, continues with the watch-making craftsmanship and the knowledge from his father.

    Mike Kessler achieved breakthroughs by introducing new functions to watches. With keen perception in beauty and favored by celebrities and aristocrats. GENIE watches became a symbol of “high-end custom-made watches” in Grenchen and across the borders of Switzerland. Such popularity also enabled GENIE to gain a further understanding of luxury and elegance.

  • 1919 GENIE FounderOskar Kessler

    1919, after World War I, the watch industry in Switzerland develops again. Oskar Kessler, born in Grenchen, becomes a passionate fine watchmaker, known for exquisite handcrafted pocket watches which enjoyed great popularity. GENIE was founded, a Swiss watch brand to be recognized by its logo with a classic clock tower bell. GENIE combines the best watchmaking traditions with unique timeless designs. At GENIE we honor Mr. Oskar Kessler’s yearning and pursuit to precision of time.

Brand events

2009, our new President, Mr. Willi Saladin restructures GENIE and establishes GENIE Swiss Gmbh in Grenchen and later
GENIE Swiss AG in Lohn-Ammannsegg, reviving and modernizing the brand to continue with GENIE’s long lasting history.

2004, GENIE successfully enter the China mainland market.

1990, GENIE manufacture dual time, moon phase and multifunctional wrist watches.

1955, Mike Kessler follows his father's career, a new chapter for GENIE watch brand begins.

1932, GENIE begins to manufacture day date watches.

1925, GENIE lead into industrial watch production.

1919, Oskar Kessler manufactures GENIE pocket watches in Grenchen, Switzerland.