On October 29, 2015, Genie, a world-famous watch brand, hosted its 2015 annual Chinese distributor conference themed “The Hereditary Classics to Be More Extraordinary” at Shangri-La Guilin Guangxi.

As a century-old brand, Genie upholds the brand philosophy “Hereditary Classics within Your Grasp”. Through three generations of efforts, its craftsmanship of watch making has been passed down to the current generation. With a consistent, classical quality and a spirit of transcendence, Genie spares no efforts to continue and promote its hereditary classics.

2015 is the 12th year of Genie entering the Chinese market. As the Chinese saying goes, “60 years are a stem-branch cycle and 12 years form a cycle of the zodiac.” 12 is a number that represents the beginning of a new cycle. With the theme of “The Hereditary Classics to Be More Extraordinary” for this event, Genie expressed its hope to inherit and transcend classics and its appreciation to its partners for their support in their win-win cooperation for a glorious future.

At this event, while presenting excellent distributors of the year with appreciative awards, Genie held a “Genie Spokesperson Signing Ceremony & Press Conference”. At the press conference, Genie president Mr. Willi Saladin presented the Letter of Appointment as Genie Spokesperson to Ms. Chen Shu, the new-generation brand spokesperson for Genie, who is a famous film and TV actress, won the “Best Actress” Award in the 17th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award, “Best Actress in a Leading Role” from the 6th Huading Awards, and “Popular Actress” from Golden Eagle Awards 2012. Industry peers, prominent figures, and journalists were present, witnessing the announcement of Genie’s new branding strategy.

This branding event and annual conference were intended to express Genie’s appreciation to its friends from afar for their support. On the evening of October 29, Genie threw a brand dinner party with some stars present. Ms. Chen Shu, the new spokesperson for Genie, was present celebrating with the guests and showing her geniality. Gao Lihong, the leading actress in the new film “Goddess of Times” invested by Genie, sang the guests classical songs such as “It Used to Be Me”.

Meanwhile, Genie invited to the party Xiao Yumeng, an “Inspirational Single Mom” known at the Chinese Dream Show and touching numerous people for “supporting her daughter strongly and unconditionally”. Xiao sang “Genie for a Century”, the theme song for Genie that she had composed herself, which also expressed that Genie would not forget the support and care of Chinese consumers and practice charity to give back to society.

In the end, years of cooperation, 12 years of commitment to China, and a century of hereditary classics were all summed up in speechless gratitude and blessings. May Genie have a more glorious future.