On October 18, 2014, Li Xiaoran, spokesperson for Genie, arrived in Zhengzhou to help boost the branding event “Genie, as Classical as You Wish” taking place at Zhengzhou Department Store.

As her arrival had been previously disclosed by the media, the event attracted a huge number of her fans who wanted to show her their love. To get closer to their icon, some fans even arrived several hours earlier to occupy good positions; the road before the department store building was thronged with people. Around 3 p.m., Li stepped onto the stage, in white blouse and black skirt, pushing the event to its climax, where the people were passionate and kept laughing and talking. Li acted as the lottery-drawing guest and was active in interacted with her fans.

When interviewed by the media at the press conference, Li said that she often wore various models of watches and that the model she wore that day was her favorite in terms of the size and the style. She showed off her exquisite white Genie on her wrist from time to time, evidencing her true fondness of the Genie watch.

The person in charge of the Genie branding event expressed that this event was one stop of the Genie national image promotion itinerary since Li had been signed as the brand spokesperson of Genie. It so happened that the Seventh Timepiece Culture Festival was taking place at the Zhengzhou Department Store Building. As a film and TV star, Li was invited to the star promotional event for two reasons: one was to strengthen the cooperation between Genie and various parties; the other was to express its appreciation to the local consumers for their support and care. Genie would continue to hold similar events nationwide.

Names of persons in the photo (from left to right):

Ms. Zhu Zhaoxia, chairperson/general manager of Zhengzhou Department Store

Mr. Xiao Gang, deputy executive director of Henan Economic Cooperation Office/vice executive chairman and secretary general of Henan Cross-provincial Economy & Trade Association

Ms. Li Xiaoran, Genie spokesperson and a Chinese film and TV star

Mr. Chen Daoxin, Asia and Pacific general manager of Genie Far East

Mr. Cai Biaorong, general manager of Henan Jinjue Industrial Co., Ltd.