On October 29, 2015, a mysterious guest was found at Nancheng Department Store, Guilin. Her presence caused quite a stir in Guilin, a quiet and beautiful city in South China.

She was a celebrated film and TV actress, vice chairperson of the Actor and Actress Working Committee of China Television Artists Association, and a new-generation spokesperson for Genie. Her commitment represented the professionalism of Chinese performing artists and the excellence and depth of classical Genie craftsmanship. Gentle and virtuous, she was a role model for Chinese actresses and the best spokesperson for Genie. She was Chen Shu, a famous performing artist and film and TV star.

While she attended its annual event at the invitation of Genie, she planned to have a face-to-face meeting with consumers at Nancheng Department Store to express her appreciation to them for their support for Genie – a unique and highly interactive meeting.

That day, when it was getting cool in South China, Chen Shu showed up in a bright short skirt and a sapphire shirt, and impressed the people around with her good figure and, more importantly, her character and charm. In a lively atmosphere, the actress kept interacting with the guests and audience; she even went out of her way to ask the staff at the Genie counter about knowledge and information about the wristwatch. Obviously, the wristwatch was her favorite, and she was expected to create more surprises in her future cooperation with Genie!

Figures ((from left to right in the photo):

1. Ma Wenbo, Brand Manager of Swiss Genie Far East Co., Ltd. in China region

2. Chen Shu, brand spokesperson of Swiss Genie

3. Wu Lijun, General Manager of General Merchandise Department of Guangxi Nancheng Department Store

4. Mo Ziqi, General Sales Manager of Xinyu Group in Southwest China


Nancheng Department Store Lijiang Guilin, with an area of 80,000 square meters, is currently the largest fashion and upscale shopping center in the city. The Genie counter here was, since the beginning, taken as the flagship store for expansion to the neighboring area, and this strategy worked well as expected. Chen Shu, the newly signed brand spokesperson, arrived in Guilin as her first stop for a Genie branding event.

During the event, besides rich art and culture performances, Genie brought the customers a show for its new products to be launched in 2016. The fashionable and pretty models, wearing new Genie products and walking on the stage, demonstrated the classical quality and extraordinary character of Genie watches.

The recent years have witnessed Genie step up its brand promotion in the provinces in South China, resulting in an increase of its brand influence and growth of sales year over year. This promotional event at Nancheng Department Store in Guilin was a stop in the Genie brand promotion itinerary and a means to express its appreciation to the local consumers. It was said that 2015 Annual Genie Distributor Conference would take place in Guilin.