• -Cleaning

    1) Please wipe your watch with a soft dry or microfiber cloth to remove moisture and sweat. To clean you may also use a very soft tooth brush to clean the case and the bracelet gently. If available use deerskin or a microfiber cloth to dry off moisture.

    2) For metal bracelets with waterproof watches, you may gently brush with a little bit of soap water and then rinse with clean water.

    3) Please use a soft dry cloth to dry, do not to use heaters or electric hairdryers/blow-dryers to dry your watch, we recommend to use watch cleaning sets, available in our GENIE watch sales shops.

  • +Storing or moving your GENIE watch

    1) Should you decide not to wear your watch for several days, we recommend to place it in the original packaging box, or for an automatic watch in an automatic watch winder box.

    2) Please do not leave the battery in a quartz watch for long periods in a hot storage places, battery fluid leakage may occur in tropical countries, this may cause serious damage to the case or movement.

    3) In case of moving your watch collections please keep your original packaging of your watch, or use our watch travel bags available in our GENIE watch sales shops to avoid damage.

  • +Adjusting the time

    1) In order to ensure the best performance of your watch, we recommend to self-wind your mechanical watch once per day.

    2) For a automatic self-winding watch, in order to ensure continued operation, it should be worn daily, if you cannot do so, please wind your watch manually or use an automatic winder box to ensure the continuous movement of your watch.

    3) Please do not adjust your mechanical automatic watch when the fingers are in 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock position, to avoid damage to the watches mechanical automatic movement. This is the location of the gear train in the movement to automatically change the day date on your watch.

  • +Magnetic Fields

    1) There is an increasing number of magnetic interferences in today’s world. Magnetic fields do not cause substantial damages to a watch, but they can affect the accuracy and functions of watches. Please avoid to place your watch on magnetic sources or objects in your environment, like magnets, handbags with magnetic shutters, TV’s or loudspeakers.

    2) If you have any magnetic occurred damages, please contact your nearest GENIE dealer to have your watch inspected.

  • +Pay attention to

    1) Damages can be caused by working with hard or heavy objects or during activities with heavy impacts or violent shaking.

    2) Do not wear heavy jewelry on the same wrist as your watch to avoid scratches.

    3) Wearing your watch during extreme activities causes risks to damage your watch.

    4) Extreme temperature (sauna or steam rooms) can cause the movements lubricants to dry out and cause deterioration.