June 21, 2015 was a milestone for Genie, for its first exclusive store in China landed in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

The store features a layout that is elaborately simple. Walk into the Genie Taiyuan exclusive store, and you will first see the brand culture wall of Genie. The wall records the stories about the brand over its century of history and the milestones in its development in China, tirelessly and silently telling consumers the stories about its growth over the century.

Its classical wristwatches are meticulously displayed at the surrounding cabinets so that customers can experience the craftsmanship of Genie and its history while choosing from the Genie watch models.

The event indicated the first Genie exclusive store in China and another flagship store as a display and promotion platform in central China, signifying the further success of the brand in its market development plan. It not only evidenced the improvement of the brand but also significantly represented the increase of its influence. As believed by Genie, its stores and flagship stores would have a nationwide presence so that Chinese consumers could get close to the brand and experience its classical products.

In the evening of its store launch ceremony in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Genie also hosted a charity auction evening party.

As pointed out by Mr. Chen Daoxin, Asia and Pacific general manager of Genie Far East in his speech, the excruciating heat in summer in Taiyuan would not deterred Genie’s passion. Since its entry into the province of Shanxi in 2004, it was very successful over the past 11 years; looking back, the brand experienced ups and downs and the company was grateful all the same. The launch of its exclusive store in Taiyuan and its success in Shanxi and the whole country were attributable to the support and care of its distributors and peers, who were also what drove its development. Always thankful, Genie had given back to society in various forms in its continued development. It noticed an elementary school 2,400 meters above sea level deep in the Taihang Mountains; called “Anquan Elementary School”, it had shabby school buildings; most of its pupils were children left behind by parents who went to cities for better opportunities and they were poorly fed and dressed, but they persevered in their pursuit of education. The management of Genie Far East decided to donate to this school; the company directly donated money and also involved charitable people and charity organizations through a charity auction, where some products would be auctioned and the proceeds would all be donated to the school. Meanwhile, through the connections of charity organizations, Genie sought to help individual pupils one on one.

Genie, a brand with a century of history, not only inherits and promotes exquisite watch craftsmanship but also convey the message of love and charity to every place where it is present.