Xiao Yumeng, a talented singer and national sensation on Chinese Dream Show, arrived at Shangri-La Guilin Guangxi on October 29, 2015 to attend the annual Genie event as a VIP guest. Genie, a Swiss watch producer with a history of a century, appointed Xiao to compose a theme song for the brand of Genie, which would also be sung by her. The theme song would be released at the annual event and represent the climax of the event!

As a versatile artist (lyrics, melody, and singing), Xiao was once again recognized by a world brand. A single mother experiencing indescribable hardships and enlightening moments and an inspirational singer, she would certainly have a more promising future! She would prove everything and convince everybody, showing that an artist should deserve a place in the world.

Theme Song for Genie——《Genie for a Century》

Lyrics to sing:Xiao Yumeng


A long, crisscrossing river of time has no so-called start or end.

Chasing the steps of time, you have left behind extraordinary memories too many to count.

I will transform classics into eternity, wrapping time around your wrist,

And I will, little by little, record chapters after chapters of history in the long river of time.

Genie for a Century, it accompanies you from sunup to sundown with the river of time flowing in your heart.

Genie for a Century, it inherits classics, with its reputation continued in eternity.

Genie for a Century, it is passed on from generation to generation over time.

Genie for a Century, it represents vicissitudes, inheritance of classics, and continuation of the extraordinary.